Can’t Get Away From a Caravan Tour in Canada? Try One of These Tips

Caravan tours are an excellent way to see Canada. Depending on which type of caravan you choose, you will see some of the most beautiful landscapes and wildlife in all of North America. It is important to research various tour companies before arranging your trip to make sure that you will be enjoying the best Canada has to offer. This article will provide information on four types of caravans: the host trailer, the self-contained unit, the touring caravan and the hotel caravan.

The host trailer is a small unit that is pulled by a truck or tractor unit. It can be used for short trips or longer ones and is great if you are travelling as a small group. They are easy to assemble and disassemble once you are ready to move on. You will be in a position to drive through many of the Canadian provinces and have the pleasure of visiting First Nations communities and beaches. In addition to being able to enjoy the sites and enjoy the wildlife on your travels, you will find many host trailer tours offer cooking facilities where you can cook meals while on vacation.

Can't Get Away From a Caravan Tour in Canada? Try One of These Tips

Caravan Tour in Canada

A self-contained unit is pulled by a van or tractor unit. They are great for large groups or individuals and are quite sizeable. They are pulled by trucks, usually diesel powered, and offer a spacious comfort as well as plenty of room to stretch out. There are many sites in Canada that allow travelers to pull their own caravan because there is no legislation that prohibits it. A variety of activities and amenities are included in the price of this type of caravan.

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Touring caravans come in two varieties; the hotel caravan and the campground caravan. Hotel caravans are very popular because they offer accommodations that are extremely comfortable. They include full kitchens, double beds with queen-sized mattresses, private baths, a variety of televisions and even Internet access. They also offer packages that include everything from airfare, guidebooks and other attractions to helping you prepare meals, shopping and other entertainment opportunities. The price of a hotel caravan can start from just under one thousand dollars for a one-night stay for an extended excursion or could be up to ten thousand dollars for a luxurious caravan with a staff and kitchen.

In contrast, the campground style caravan is more affordable. It includes a small kitchen with some eating options and may not include TV. Most campgrounds accept credit cards and allow you to make your reservations online. Some have fire pits where you can enjoy the evening away from the caravan. Most campgrounds will provide shuttles between the hotel and caravan each evening so that you can return to the hotel and begin your day at the resort. Some even have laundry facilities and grocery stores within walking distance.

The cost of a caravan vacation is based upon your planned destinations, how long you wish to travel and whether you hire a local guide or travel independent. The Canadian economy has an uncertain economic future but tourism is one of the few industries that is virtually unaffected. Caravan tours are popular in many areas including Banff, Jasper, and Canmore. Many visitors like to travel in the winter since it is possible to drive across the Rockies to Calgary or Grande Prairie, which means they get to see a lot more of the North Canadian landscape.

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